Kurin Aeos


India’s first Smart Air Purification Device, known for its state-of-the-art technology and extreme cleanliness capacity.
Not only can the device be controlled via a phone app, it boasts a maximum C.A.D.R. of 680 cubic meter per hour along with a digital display showing Real-Time PM 2.5 Air Quality, Humidity Level, Temperature, Outside Air Quality (Location Specific), Fan Speed and even Filter Life.

Powerful enough to clean your average bedroom in under 6 minutes and keep it that way throught the day with the highest grade of filtertation using :

Pre – Filter : For visible particles. Dust, Pollen, Hair, Pet Dander etc (PM 10 & above)
Anti Bacterial Filter : For all Bacteria & Virus.
HEPA H14 Grade Filter : Highest grade of HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) that provides 99.99% protection again Ultra Fine Particles. (Up to 0.3 μm).
Activated Carbon Filter : Complete protection against VOCs, Formaldehye, oils etc.

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Product Description


Kurin Aeos is the perfect amalgamation of technology and sophistication. Monitors and cleans every last bit of air pollutant from the room within 6 minutes. Keep a check on the temperature, humidity and the life of the filter itself. Advanced touch features on the screen as well as bigger filter with a longer life.

Kurin Aeos uses a high end laser sensor which means it doesn’t require any cleaning and provides you with the most accurate data possible. At the same time the temperature and humidity sensors are externally placed to avoid any interference from the internal workings from the device in turn providing you the most accurate readings.

Technical specs

Power Source Electrical
Type HEPA | Pre-Filter | Activated Carbon
Installation Plug In
Certification CE
Capacity (CFM) 98 %
Power (W) 70
Voltage (V) 220
CADR 620 m3/h
NOISE (dB) 55
Purification rate of filter 99.9 %
Size 615 x 400 mm
Effective Area 753 Sq ft.
Wi-Fi Yes

Product Features


Smart Purity

The Kurin Aeos is the first air purifier of its kind which connects to the internet and keeps you up to date on your surrounding air pollution all levels at all times.

Touch Screen Operation

Another first in its class. The Aeos comes with all touch panel controls so now you don't have to struggle with the non responsive old fashioned buttons.

App Controlled

Apart from controlling the device when its in front of you, it can be controlled via a phone app from anywhere and everywhere. Simply download the app from the IOS App Store/ Google Play Store and you are good to go.

Real-Time Display

Kurin Aeos shows you the real time PM 2.5 level as well as the humidity and temperature of the area where the device is kept. There also a real time filter life indicator so you can change the filter comfortably in time.This information can not only be viewed on the device, but also anywhere on the app.

Highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

It has a CADR of a whopping 580 m3/h.Due to its unique cylindrical design, it is able to to suck in the maximum amount of air in its class to give you the maximum amount of clean air and that too in the shortest time.

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